Which Areas On Your Website Draw The Most Attention?

Which Areas On Your Website Draw The Most Attention?

How Do People See Your Website?

This is one of the most fundamental questions to ask yourself when building a website. It’s also a question most website owners rarely take time to investigate.

An effective website is a psychologically optimized mechanism that creates a bond with a website visitor. Effectiveness is achieved through specific and strategic design choices that encourage visitor engagement.

Website Graphics = Psychological Impact

Quality Website Graphics Capture Attention

Awesome Website Graphics & Images

Graphics and images represent our single greatest opportunity to capture the initial attention of website visitors. However, consistently creating awesome graphics and images is tough.

Yes, I have Photoshop, but when I need creative, unique, and fast graphics and images my first port of call, is PowerPoint.

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This Is The Power of Psychology

Without Psychology – You’re Guessing About Website Design

Website Psychological Optimization

How quickly do visitors form an opinion of a website?

Less than two-tenths of a second!

Scientists in the field of perceptual psychology reveal website visitor behavior by conducting eye-tracking heat map research and recording people’s behavior as they interact with websites.

Ignoring these research results carries serious penalties.

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